Ovulation & Stress

What is happening to you?


Your female reproductive system takes you in a trip each month. Your body and your emotions go through ups and downs.Your ovulation moment mid-cycle and the week after make your mood change.


Do you feel cranky, down and without energy?

Do you suffer from brain fogginess?

Do you wonder where your sex drive has gone after being up?

You’d wish you didn’t have such difficult days each month?

Tired of your mood swings?

You don’t know how to deal with your physical and emotional ovulation and post-ovulation time?


What is happening to you?

What is really happening to you?


The middle of your cycle is when ovulation occurs and it is created by the peak of two sexual hormones: estrogen and testosterone. The few days after this moment are marked by the decrease of estrogen and testosterone and the increase of progesterone which lead to changes in your ovaries and uterus as well as in your mood. Your body is under the influence of these three sexual hormones. Their levels vary during the month and their rise and fall cause changes in the parts of the brain responsible for moods, thinking, emotions and behavior as well as different physical symptoms. Your cycle is controlled by hormones produced by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in the brain whose function is influenced by the sexual hormones in a continuous circuit.

What stress does to you & your body


When you are stressed your body goes through many particular transformations in order to adapt to the stress and to help you cope with it. The short term changes which form the stress response are helpful but the chronic stress can be extremely damaging. It has been studied and demonstrated scientifically that stress is a major cause of illness so getting yourself out of it is the shortest and the surest way to health and happiness.


The symptoms of your monthly ovulation and post-ovulation are stressful. You are at risk of getting pregnant at your ovulation and you worry about it. Or you would like to get pregnant and you spend your time fearing you didn’t get pregnant and you will have to wait for another month to try again. You want so much for this to happen and you are anxious that it would not. You get stressed because of not feeling well. You feel down and irritable because of the hormonal fluctuations and you don’t like it therefore adding more irritability and bringing yourself down even more. Would not being in the mood for sex upset your partner and damage your relationship? You think about it, you are anxious about it triggering another wave of stress.


All these thoughts and emotions are adding stress to your life which has consequences on your sexual hormones and throws them out of balance. This affects even more your moods, emotions and your body. You keep yourself in a loop of stress and stress response


Addressing stress in any form it manifests in your life is of utmost importance for your overall health. The less you will get stressed by the daily situations the more wellbeing you will experience: emotional, physical and mental.

The Offering

A new vision on your ovulation and the emotions related to it and to the days after:


  • Meeting your emotions related to your monthly ovulation.
  • Being guided to see how much of the emotions is natural and how much is self-induced.
  • Real time approach of the emotions related to your ovulation and post-ovulation in a safe space
  • Learning how to live in peace with the arising emotions and with the hormone changes
  • A simple way to master the emotions
  • Stress relief and a new way to taking care of your health

The Benefits

  • Realising that the female ovulation is natural and it is the nature of being human you will find peace with yourself
  • Understanding how your body works you can learn to be at ease with yourself and flow with life’s cycles, not blaming yourself, not blaming others and simply being as you are
  • Being aware of the limits of the emotional and thinking patterns, being able to look beyond them and not follow them you will enjoy:
    • Improved relationships
    • Happier children
    • Relaxing and enjoying being a woman
    • Living life with intensity and pleasure