Ovulation & Stress

The Offering & The Benefits

The Offering


This is a safe space where you can come to learn about your ovulation, how stress influences it and what you can do to have a break from your uncomfortable emotions:


  • You are supported to see your stress causes and your moods and emotions in real time, to investigate them in a scientific way and see their implications and complications on your period and overall wellbeing.
  • You practise being with your emotions every step of the way and see the magnifying glass through which they are transformed into dramas during the ovulation moment of your monthly cycle.
  • You learn how to remove this magnifying glass and find peace with the mood swings caused by your sensitivity to the changes of the hormones.


This is a space free of judgments and the compelling to please, perform well and hide.

There is no need to pretend that everything is all right here or to fix something that is wrong with you. This is where there is no need for masks. In fact looking at the masks you are wearing out of the need to fit in and be accepted and discover what is behind the mask is one of the things that will happen in here.

You are guided to discover how your emotions play with your health and your wellbeing and how to master them and your health:


  • It is an eye opener on what this stress really is and on the way it wreaks havoc in your life
  • You learn to see how the stress of your monthly ovulation together with the rest of the stress in your life further affects you in so many different ways
  • You deconstruct and expose the whole maze of stress in your life by seeing the automatic reactions you have in the form of patterns of haunting thoughts, disturbing emotions and behaviors
  • You find your own answers to what is really going on by meeting those thoughts and emotions and by seeing them for what they really are instead of thinking or imagining what is happening
  • You break free from running in circles and never getting anything but more emotional turmoil and stress
  • You are supported to build healthy, conscious habits which are taking you out of the loop of stress while the old, harmful ones fall off.


You connect with the truth of your life, learning how to see clearly what is real in your life and what is imagined and causes you sufferance.

  • It is a space where you check your reality with the emphasis on the solution and not on focusing endlessly on the problem
  • This is a place where you can find relief from the turmoil of your emotions, where you learn how to have a break from your agitated mind.
  • You will get out of the anxiety, irritability, worries and discomfort related to the menstruation of your cycle. No more running away from them, judging them or suffering because of them but meeting them and integrating them into your life.
  • Seeing what is left after all has been met and looked at shows you where the peace and relaxation is, that they exist and are accessible in each moment.


You learn how to embrace your ovulation.


You find out what it really is and who you really are and your focus will shift naturally from sufferance and complaining, to acceptance and a relaxed and peaceful monthly ovulation.

Do you want to find relief in your stressful monthly ovulation?


Do you want to relax with your moods and thoughts and enjoy life?

The Benefits


  • You will learn to relax with your ovulation and deal with the rising emotions and low moods in a gentle and caring way.
  • By understanding the biology of your emotions and the emotional aspect of your biology and accepting it as something natural everything related to it will appear as it is: a part of your natural human being.
  • Accepting what is going on with you there will be no need or desire to change anything.
  • Learning to ride the waves of emotions without attaching to them, without turning them into a big deal you will be able to have a break from your sufferance.


  • Furthermore by learning how not to stress about your ovulation and about other situations that appear in your life you will leave the loop of (self-induced) stress and relax into the joy of being a woman.
  • Consequently the effects of stress on your sexual hormones will diminish and you will be more peaceful, less down and your monthly variations will not play that hard on your emotions anymore
  • You will practise seeing that it is possible to live happily with your monthly ovulation and those symptoms which were so distressing have a smaller impact on you.
  • You will be able to relax each moment into a new way of living life in peace with your womanhood.

Extended Effects:


  • Your children will be happier and less stressed with a mom who is in tune with her nature, who is relaxed with her body.
  • Your teenage girl will learn from the beginning of her life to see her ovulation as natural and integrate it into her life in a relaxed and peaceful way.
  • Your husband or partner will also relax with a woman who doesn’t suffer during this period.
  • Your work will not be so unbearable and you will have more energy for it.
  • You will take care of yourself with gentleness, kindness and ease that come from the serenity of fully acknowledging and accepting yourself.
  • There will be a coming to terms with your nature and a more balanced and harmonious way of living.


  • Out of the joy of being a fully accepted woman the empowered and conscious woman that already exists will be revealed.
  • This is the woman who knows how to take care of herself with kindness, care and compassion, who is loving, gentle and supportive both with herself and with others.
  • This is the woman who is in harmony with her mood swings, fully accepting all of them like the different colours of a rainbow.
  • This is the woman who flows through life with ease and grace no matter what life throws at her.
  • You will stop suffering for being a woman and will discover the freedom and joy of being yourself, ovulation and all.