Ovulation & Stress

What is happening to you?

It is the middle of your cycle and your energy has lowered after being high for days.


You might feel a sudden pain in one side of your abdomen without an apparent cause.


You feel tired and irritable almost like you are going to have another menstruation.


After a period of enjoying sex and being in the mood now your libido is decreasing….and then it goes up again.


You don’t feel sexy anymore. You are calm and sleep better but you are also a bit sad or even down. Sometimes you feel too down and plainly sedated. You feel snuggly and prone to rest more.


Your brain doesn’t seem to work that well – the thinking is slower and less clear than in the previous week.


Those tasks at work seem more difficult to tackle.


It takes you more time and you are less efficient.


You feel down and you would like to feel upbeat again.


Each month your changing moods take time from your life.


It is stressing to go through this roller coaster.


It takes you away from your regular activities and from what you enjoy doing.


It is more difficult for you to be your normal self.


Would you like to have a break from this?

What can you do about this interference in your life?

Is it possible not to be stressed about ovulation?


Is it possible to live in peace with your body?


Yes it is!


Find out how